Sales Process

STEP 1: Let Sterling value your property

Having covered the West end of London for many years we have a wealth of experience of how property prices have changed over time and an intimate knowledge of what a property is worth. Our team conduct valuations on a daily basis and provide you with an accurate and fair price.

STEP 2: Choose Sterling to sell your property

We have an honest and efficient manner of conducting business and for this reason we are successful at receiving instructions. Our energetic team will source prospective buyers and keep you informed on progress, as well as organise the government required Home Information Pack (HIP) for you. Remember, you must have a HIP before your property is placed on the market.

Sterling advises clients to find a solicitor once they have selected their agent.

STEP 3: Marketing your property

Sterling's sales negotiators will visit your property at a time that suits you. In one visit they will obtain all the details they need to market your property, these include: floor plans, property details, colour photographs, local details and maps. All of this shall be loaded on to our website in a timely manner so prospective buyers can have access to it and we can arrange viewings.

STEP 4: We receive an Offer

Once we have received on offer for your property we shall inform you of this immediately, both verbally and in writing.

STEP 5: Accept an Offer

Should you agree to an offer made on your property, specific details need to be confirmed. Such as, the date of completion, exchange of contracts, buyer/lender's survey and whether there are certain items you want to sell along with your property.

STEP 6: Solicitors involvement

Once both you and the buyer have agreed to an offer, your solicitor will send out a contract and the HIP to the buyer's solicitor. The buyer's solicitor can then carry out other surveys or any enquiries on your property.

Most of the information will already be in the HIP ie title deeds, fixtures and fittings list, seller's questionnaire, planning consent, guarantees, copy of lease, copy of building regulations and share of freehold certificate.

STEP 7: Should your property be leasehold

Your HIP should also include copies of your service charge accounts over the last three years, estimates for the forthcoming year and building insurance certificates, as the solicitor will request this. IF your property is within a block, the solicitor can simply collect the above from the relevant Managing Agent.

STEP 8: Exchange of contracts and completion

The contract has to be signed by both parties, you and your buyer. Most buyers will do this once their mortgage has been confirmed and finalised. The buyer's deposit (usually 10% of the price) has to be transferred to your solicitor, normally by banker's draft.

You can then finalise a completion date! The completion can be anything from a few days to a few weeks after you have exchanged contract. On completion the outstanding amount will be received by your solicitor from the buyer's solicitor and that's it, your property has been sold!